Dismanteling and Transport of Offset Printing Machinery

We will ensure your purchase runs smoothly with service offers which perfectly complement our product, ranging from transportation and installation through to financing.

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Installation, Dismanteling and Transport

The transportation of the machines begins within the printing plant. That’s why it is very important that preparations are planned and carried out by experienced employees as this is the only way that damage and unnecessary costs can be avoided.

Of course, the machines are insured against damage in transit throughout their entire journey. Each machine must be professionally dismantled and, in some circumstances, prepared for sea freighting. This also involves reliable packaging and loading for HGV and container transportation respectively. – An overview of our range of services:

Removing the machines from the premises, loading them onto HGVs or containers, land or air transportation, storage or interim storage, machine removals.

Expert dismantling & installation of your printing machines

If a machine is not expertly dismantled, its installation then becomes a gamble. That’s why we work with a well-coordinated partner network of competent specialists who bring years of experience to the table.

Our experienced installation specialists will dismantle your machines and reassemble them in the planned space. At the same time, we will organise transportation to any location you require – anywhere in the world. A quality inspection is carried out on the machine prior to dismantling so that the condition can be documented. Quality inspection prior to dismantling, experienced installers, expert loading on HGVs or containers.

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