Polar 115 CE • #3785

Reference Num.: 3785
Brand: Polar
Type: 115 CE
Available: directly
Status: Not in production
Location: Europe


More information will soon be shown here.

Technical Data

Cutting Size: 1,150 mm
Electrical Power Input: 35 KW
Feeding depth: 5,350 mm
Feeding height max.: 3,450 mm
Machine size: Length: 3,543 mm, Width: 3,450 mm, Height: 3,450 mm
Total weight: kg 354 / lbs 780
Table height: 3,450 mm
Backgauge speed on return way: 3,450 mm/sec
Smallest cutt without false plate: 3,450 mm
Smallest cutt with false plate: 3,450 mm


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